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Manitowoc Marina is located in Manitowoc WI and is largest marina and boatyard on Lake Michigan.

The facility is full-service offering a large array of marine services including dockage, parts, refits, carpentry, sales and more.

Key Features & Specifications

  • YachtWorld API Integration
  • Customized Boat Display
  • Team/Staff Display
  • Broker System
  • New Boat Brands Display
  • Careers / Job Offerings
  • CRM Integration
  • Social Integration
Different sized screens design examples

Manitow Maraina offers a huge list of services and these needed to be included on the website. HarborTech prioritized and organized the content into an easy-to-use navigational system that allows customers to quickly find their desired content.

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Leads Routing with Precision

The Manitowoc Sales Teams divides responsibilities by brand and according to each broker's person listings. Using the precise features of the Broker-On-Call system leads submitted through the website get to the right brokers.

Leads Routing with Precision

CRM Integration

With over 25 individual forms for particular leads generation, the website is setup to integrate with Manitowoc's CRM. Leads are emailed to appropriate admin, captured in the website CMS and routed to the CRM.

CRM Integration

Brands Display

As major boat dealer for several big brands, Manitow Marina's website includes a powerful boat brands module to add, edit and displays new boat models in a stunning display system.

Brands Display


Powerful Websites for Boat SalesDesigned for Yacht Brokers!

The cornerstone of our work is using the YachtWorld API to create customized display and search systems.

One Place to Manage Your Boat Listings

Using the HaborTech boat display system you enter data in one place - via your YachtWorld account. Our system then syncs to it, gets your data and creates a stunning display on your website - always up-to-date and accessible on any device.

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